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Road Distractions

Driving & Distracted

Most people are not runners, or walkers, or cyclists. Most people are drivers though. Drivers do not realize this but half of the time, drivers are in their car during low-light conditions or in total darkness. Not to mention that, foul weather is also a factor. Majority of the time runners and cyclists are also out during the low-light/darkness conditions.

The steady increase in distracted drivers is bad news for everyone competing for space on the road. Even on designated paths, often times there are dangerous situations for everyone not operating a motorized vehicle. Everything from cellphones to buses to smartwatches can cause a driver to take their eyes off the road.

Drivers Are Not Looking For You

There is a common misconception that if you see a car, the driver will see you. Drivers are in a rush, talking to their passengers, texting, or giving a pacifier to a cranky (but cute) toddler in the back seat. You, as an individual not in their car, are not in their mind.

The more time you can give a driver to see you and avoid you, the better. That is the whole game. The more heads-up a driver has, the liklier you will be seen. A runner, cyclists, or parent will never win against a car. Then it is a matter of being seen as early as possible to eliminate needless auto-accidents.




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