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Safety numbers

Safety numbers

We’re going to present a few numbers for you today. Let’s start with 6,000.

That’s the number of pedestrians the Governors Highway Safety Association estimates were killed by traffic in the United States in 2016.

Six thousand.

That figure reflects a startling trend. The number of pedestrians killed in 2016 is some 11 percent higher than in 2015 and 22 percent higher than in 2014.

A National Public report last month about the record number of pedestrian deaths lays much of the blame on distracted driving and walking. Everybody seems to be looking at their phones these days. Drivers, mostly, but those walking and running, too.

Another factor? The study says lower gas prices and a healthy economy has put more cars on the road.

Another factor? Walking is the most popular form of exercise. But doing in the dark comes with risks. The National Safety Council states that the chances of being struck and killed by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian increase 1100 percent after dark.

Here at Brilliant Reflective we urge you – first and foremost – to put the phone down, whether you’re tracking your run’s progress or behind the wheel of an automobile, the road is no place to be staring a screen.  We also point out that adoring yourselves with our reflective strips just might save your life.

Being visible clearly helps. While it’s not a surprise, studies show that pedestrians with reflective gear on are recognized by drivers more often and from greater distances. By a large margin. Take the Australian study, for instance, that found drivers noticed only five percent of pedestrians wearing drab clothing under low-light circumstance, but recognized 100 percent of pedestrians wearing reflective clothing in those areas their bodies moved.

While it’s true that simply wearing reflective strips will not eliminate all pedestrians from being struck by motor vehicles, we know it can help.

And we know that 6,000 people dying on the roadways in one year is way too many.



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