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Safe and sound on the early morning dog walk

Safe and sound on the early morning dog walk

Layla is a four-legged outdoor enthusiast, and as she increases her age (she’s 11 now) it seems the earlier she wants to get up for her brisk morning walk. In those precious few minutes before dawn fully breaks, her whining at the door inspires one of us to awaken and take her on a short walk to get our blood going and to quiet the whining beast. 

It’s well before rush hour, but the vehicles that tend to be on the road in the nascent hours of the day like to, shall we say, get where they are going in a hurry. And while I’m equipped with a headlamp and my dog-walking outfit is righteously adorned with Brilliant Reflective Strips, Layla is still a black dog and largely invisible until headlights reflect off her eyes.

So we help her stick out with Brilliant Reflective Stick-On Strips.

The first thing we adorned with Brilliant Reflective was her collar. We applied strips of Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips all around the outside of her collar – making it a circle of reflectivity. This helps not just with the dark-hours walk, but at night when she’s out frolicking in our yard we can quickly tell where she is when our home’s outside lights reflect off her collar.

Additionally, we added Brilliant Reflective Iron-On to both sides of her leash – a thick, 8-foot green nylon model. The super bright strips help create the idea of movement, and it’s a comforting feeling to see far-away cars hit the brakes as soon as they see the bouncing bright reflection coming off both dog and dog-walker.

It would be simple to add Brilliant Reflective Stick-On Strips to a harness, too, if you and your dog are into that kind of thing.

Of all the things we spend money on with our pets, the $10 investment for a pack of Brilliant Reflective - available in colors that accentuate or dog-walking gear - surely delivers the most visibility for the buck.


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