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Be interactive with us!

Be interactive with us!

We know what a Brilliant Reflective user is, right? They’re active. They run, walk, bike and exercise at all hours of the night and day – which is why they add our reflective safety strips to their gear.

Now, we’re inviting our active fans of Brilliant Reflective to join us in being “interactive” – to have an online conversation with us.

Through the platform of Twitter, and thanks to the generosity of the running website Bibrave, we’ll be taking part in a chat. We’d love it if you and your running friends would partake.

Twitter chats are easy. Simply log on to Twitter on Tuesday, April 11 at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central, 6 p.m. for you West Coasters) and look up #BibChat. The folks at Bibrave will steer the topic, and Twitter users can take part in, just follow the topic or even ask their own questions, by simply using the #BibChat hashtag.

Not that we’re trying to seed the cloud here (OK, we are), but it would be awesome if we could have #BibChat conversations on how runners need to raise their visibility while running on roads. We’re totally prepared to talk about how being safer makes for better training. We’d like to here stories about how runners and walkers make themselves more visible or answer questions about how Brilliant Reflective gear can help.

And as an added bonus, we’re giving away this discount code for our reflective safety strips (it's BIBRAVEPRO25) and BibRave will be giving away Brilliant Reflective strips to two random participants during the chat. Please plan on joining us.

We’ll be taking part in the 4/11 #BibRave chat using the Twitter account @Brilliant_Safe. In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Twitter prior to the #BibRave chat and ask us any burning question you might have.


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