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Be, be creative

Be, be creative

            You might have read elsewhere on this website that not all reflectivity is created equal - that “high brightness” reflective gear like our strips and iron-ons can be seen up to 500 feet away.  You might have also heard about the concept of “biomotion” – that the human eye recognizes the shape of a human quicker when there is movement.

            So, if you put those two ideas together, the best way to make use of our high brightness strips and iron-ons is to place them strategically on parts of your body to help create a visible, moving human form. To help accomplish that goal, there is a great overview on where to wear Brilliant Reflective products (here).

            But wait! There’s more! We’ve found some other non-traditional places to put our strips that will help you create that sense of motion and allow you to be seen when you’re out about in the dark.  Some ideas:

  • Even a small dot placed high on the heel of your shoes helps.
  • If you run with a headlamp, place a small strip on the headband (the part on the back of your head).
  • In our placement guide, we talk about cyclists adding strips to a helmet. For runners who wear a hat, that’s a good spot, too.
  • If you run with a water bottle, or have one or two in your hydration belt, put some strips on the bottles. Same for cyclists – place ‘em on your water bottle.
  • On your bike, consider wrapping a strip around the crank arm of each pedal.
  • If you have a bike jersey or long-sleeve shirt you run in, a strip just down from the triceps (above the elbow) is a good spot.
  • If you pedal a recumbent bike or a trike, liberal use of our strips on the flag and flag pole at the rear of the trike works well.

Clearly, our reflective strips can be used creatively to help you be seen at night. We’re sure there are other places to put them as well. If you have a favorite place – one we haven’t thought of, please let us know.



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