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Cosmetic Reflective vs High Brightness Reflective

Cosmetic Reflective vs High Brightness Reflective

Reflective brightness (RA) is a measurement of how much light is reflected back when it hits the glass beaded surface.

All reflective material is not created equally. Looking at reflective material too close is misleading – you need to be at least 15 feet away to see the brightness level. 

There is reflective material of four different brightness levels on the market:

1. Cosmetic –Less than 30 RA – Reflective at very short distances, less than 10 feet, and provides no increase in visibility. Brands will not usually call out this as reflective on a garment.

2. Low Brightness – 30 RA to 100 RA – The lowest level of reflective that is effective. Reflective material starting at this reflective level will only provide a slight increase in visibility at 100ft or less AND when used in large amounts (greater than 50 square inches per garment). When your reflectivity level get this low due to wear or washing it is usually time to replace the garment. Many brands call this out as reflective but really only provides a very minimal increase in visibility.

3. Medium Brightness – 100 RA to 200 RA – With this level of reflective you will be visible at moderate distances from 100 feet to 300 feet.

4. High Brightness – Greater than 200 RA – If you want in increase your visibility you should only use reflective of this brightness. This product is effective at moderate significant distances (300 feet to more than 500 feet)

IMPORTANT: Only high-brightness reflective will allow you to be seen when applied in the proper locations at distances that will allow drivers the time needed to react to prevent accidents.

All Brilliant® Reflective is made from 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material and is high-brightness.


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