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Brilliant® Reflective Review at Boston Marathon

Brilliant® Reflective Review at Boston Marathon

Brilliant® Reflective (formerly known as Reflect Your Gear™) was recently reviewed by the folks at SGB Today. Here's the outtake written by Thomas J. Ryan:  

Reflect Your Gear™ is a reflective option offered by Safe Reflections, which provides much of the reflective technology used by Asics, Nike, Patagonia and many other major athletic apparel providers. The company converts 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material into textile applications for activewear use. Reflect Your Gear™ is a small patch — akin to and working like a Band-Aid — runners, cyclists or any other outdoor enthusiast can attach to their clothes. The patches can be ironed on, and there’s an adhesive option. The item has an eco-friendly message since it was inspired because Safe Reflections didn’t know what to do with the extra material leftover after working on lines with its brand partners. While Reflect Your Gear™ is Safe Reflections’ first consumer product, Chuck Gruber, CEO of Safe Reflections, said the company’s partners are enthusiastic about the launch because it gets the message out about the importance of being seen at night.

Read the entire article here.


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