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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
71% of fatal adult pedestrian crashes occurred at dusk or dawn in areas where visibility of the victim was restricted.

– AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

National Safety Council
Chances of being struck and killed as a pedestrian increase 1100% after dark.

– National Safety Council

Brilliant® Reflective Strips

Make Sure You're Visible

Make Sure You're Visible

Brilliant® Reflective Strips are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. The reflective strips are the brightest reflective for runners and bikers looking to increase their visibility.

Driving & Distracted

Ease of use

The easy to apply reflective tape, significantly increase the visibility of runners, bikers, dog walkers, and families so that your day is extended into the night. Colorized to blend in with your apparel and gear.

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Ease of use
Simple Reflective Tape

Simple Reflective Tape

• Extremely Affordable • Easy Application • Fully DIY •


Be Seen!

30 Square Inches + 360 Degree Protection

We never know which direction the car will approach from. Surround yourself with a total of 30 square inches of reflective and be seen from all angles.

Be Seen Sooner With Bio-motion

Outline the human form with the reflective material - arms, legs, torso – so when the light shines back drivers will recognize you as a person. The sooner the driver sees a person the sooner they change their driving behavior.

Brilliant Reflective is 200x Brighter

Most active wear comes with cosmetic reflective (if any) that is not bright enough to warn a driver in time. Brilliant Reflective, made from 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective is 200x brighter than a white t-shirt.